'American Horror Story': the complete series timeline

copyright'American Horror Story': the complete series timeline

Fan of the Ryan Murphy horror series? Fiction opens a new season, '1984' on Wednesday, September 18 on FX. Here you have the chronological order from 'Murder House' to 'Apocalypse'. EYE, who has SPOILERS!

1. 1500, 'Roanoke'
Scathe (Lady Gaga), is the first Supreme, who travels by boat from England to America. The English form a colony on the island of Roanoke, but Scathac's identity is discovered. Before being a victim of the bonfire, he flees to the forest.

Subsequently, Governor John White arrives, who leaves his wife Thomasin (Kathy Bates) in charge. This is banished and marches to the forest, where he delivers his soul to Scathac becoming 'The Carnicera'.

Only a few hours remain for the premiere of the new season of American Horror Story on the American chain FX - on September 20 at Fox Spain. The ninth installment of the Ryan Murphy horror series is still surrounded by secrecy, but its title, 1984, takes us to a specific year in the eighties to introduce us to Redwood Camp, a place that promises to put our hair on end.

Throughout its already extensive trajectory, American Horror Story has brought to the screen different stories with very characteristic atmospheres, covering endless themes. Therefore, it is often difficult to locate the large number of mysteries that Ryan Murphy has revealed throughout the deliveries. To make it easier for us, and in the wake of Digital Spy, we have collected the most important events of the anthological fiction of terror.

In case it is difficult for you to follow the course of the series, or you were lost with its comings and goings, here is the timeline with all the little details from the first season, Murder House, until the ninth, 1984 - and all its connections! -, of which we hope to know more very soon.


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