After "IT 2": So it could go on in "IT 3"

copyrightAfter "IT 2": So it could go on in "IT 3"

If after "IT" and "IT Chapter 2" actually "IT Chapter 3" come, there would be no direct book template by Stephen King more. Nevertheless, there are enough possible approaches for an "IT" perfect.

Filming "It" not in a single movie, but in two chapters is certainly a sensible decision, but after "IT" and "IT 2" the book is now exhausted. The world is saved, the creature It, who mostly appears as horror clown Pennywise, is dead, the surviving heroes are leaving their hometown of Derry.

But even though "IT Chapter 2" is not such a tremendous success as the first part, there is still a desire to continue in the room (and the creators have already confirmed that they have thought about it). Fortunately, Kings Roman offers some points that could be followed by a possible "IT 3". We thought about that in the video above.


The creature named It came to earth many millions of years ago and has been in contact with humans since at least 1741. At that time, all settlers disappeared in the area of ​​later Derry without a trace - that it had something to do with it, is obvious.

This could certainly be a scary horror film construct, even one in a relatively fresh setting (memories of "The Witch" will be awake). But even later events such as the explosion of the ironworks in 1906 or the fire of the Black Spot in 1930 would undoubtedly be suitable for an "IT" -Prequel. Or why not explore the origin of the house on Neibolt Street in a third movie?


Something crazy and unlikely, but very exciting is another idea: In a third "IT" movie could be explored the origin of the creature, which is known not from the earth. But it is not an extraterrestrial being, but rather an extra-dimensional being, which derives from the so-called macro verse.

There It, whose true form is the so-called "death flights", is in conflict with the giant tortoise Maturin, which also plays a role in other King novels. And there are also many other godlike creatures in this King-conceived mythology. We do not know about you, but the idea of ​​an "IT" movie, centering on the conflict between these mighty beings and ending up on Earth, sounds pretty intriguing.

"It Chapter 2" runs since 6 September 2019 in Indian cinemas. Whether there will be the third part, should decide in the next few weeks.


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