After IT 2 Chapter 2: a brand new novel by Stephen King becomes a series

copyrightAfter IT 2 Chapter 2: a brand new novel by Stephen King becomes a series
Stephen King's "The Institute" has only been available for a day, but the filming has already been announced. Behind the horror series is the team of "Mr. Mercedes, the series adaptation of Stephen King's Bill Hodges trilogy.

The launch of Stephen King's latest novel was cleverly chosen: Anyone who has just watched the "IT Chapter 2", which started on September 5, 2019, in the cinema, could well ask, what is there just news from the horror pope to read. Lo and behold: Since yesterday, September 10, 2019, Stephen King's new novel "The Institute" (original title: "The Institute") in the (virtual) shelves, is directly available for sale already available as an audiobook, of course, read by Stephen -King tribe reader David Nathan.

What is missing for perfect marketing luck? The announcement of a film adaptation - and there are actually already, although many fans have not yet read the novel (finished). As Variety reports, "Das Institut" is being adapted as a miniseries, with producer David E. Kelley ("Big Little Lies") and director Jack Bender ("Lost") behind the Stephen King series adaptation "Mr. Mercedes "again together.


Children with psychic abilities who are locked up in an institution for the purpose of their research - the idea is not new, but Stephen King revamps it in his very own way in "The Institute": The main character of the novel is the twelve-year-old Luke Ellis, who is kidnapped from his nursery in the middle of the night and locked up.

When he awakens from his stupor, he finds himself in a place called "the institute". He is held a prisoner in a room that is almost confusingly like his room, only he has no windows. Soon, Luke discovers that there are other children who, like him, have psychic talents. He befriends Kalisha, Nick, George, Iris, and Avery and together they try to make an escape plan. Because in the institute not only experiments are carried out on the children to find out the secrets of their gifts, some children are also taken away after such experiments and never return ...


No actors have yet been confirmed for the series. "Stranger Things" has been proving for years that mystery series with children's performers - and also Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is gifted paranormal there - can work very well. However, the nostalgia factor is missing in "The Institute", the story is located in the present. But the story is similar to Young Adult franchises such as "The Darkest Minds", King should be much darker, more brutal and disturbing - after all, the book is not a Young Adult, but a horror novel Tame or disturbing serial adaptation remains to be seen.

Stephen King is personally involved in the development of "The Institute". It is not yet known when the series could start and on which station or streaming service it will be shown.


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