After the Avengers comeback: Will there soon be two versions of Tom Hollands Spider-Man?

copyrightAfter the Avengers comeback: Will there soon be two versions of Tom Hollands Spider-Man?

Many fans celebrate: Sony and Disney have yet agreed. Spider-Man will remain part of the MCU and will continue to interact with the Avengers colleagues. But he will probably also part of a second comic universe.

It sounds crazy, but it could be that we soon have to get used to two different versions of Tom Hollands Spider-Man in the cinema. Because Sony and Marvel have agreed that Holland remains part of the MCU and Kevin Feige a still-untitled sequel to "Spider-Man: Homecoming" and "Spider-Man: Far From Home" and another appearance of the character in a Marvel But Disney's plans to hit Holland's Spidey on Tom Hardy's Venom are not buried there.

Sony is known to work on its own comic universe with all the characters from the "Spider-Man" universe, which one has so available. And the plan is to let Spider-Man perform there as well. It was one of the points that led to the dispute between Sony and Disney, because Disney then wanted to participate in these films (in work include "Venom 2" and "Morbius") financially, what Sony did not notice. Anyone who thought that Sony's plans for agreeing to two Spidey performances died is mistaken.


In the official announcement is in a statement by Kevin Feige namely pretty much in it. Between all his excitement about continuing to serve Spider-Man in the MCU, he also says, "He's also the only hero with the superpower to switch between cinema universes, while Sony keeps going on with their own Spider verses develop."

Feige thus confirms that Sony is not only pushing ahead with its own universe but also that Holland appears in the fact that it is thus possible for Sony to make use of the figure outside of the MCU. And: There are two different cinema universes (because Feige uses the plural).


This is an extraordinary situation, as it would then be assumed that events between Spidey and Venom can have no impact on appearances in the MCU. All of that would be separate. Assuming that you will just be very careful, do not build contradictions to keep the option open for the future, then bring everything together.

Feige also indicates this. He completes his comments on Sony Universe with the words: "You never know what surprises the future could have." So it remains exciting.


First comes in July 2021, a third Spider-Man movie, which Jonathan Watts is supposed to stage. Currently, Feige and his producer's colleague Amy Pascal already clarify the last contract details with the filmmaker.

Also, Feige will probably now push forward the concrete planning on another Spidey appearance. Because part of the agreement is that Holland still plays in a Disney Marvel movie. There is still no indication of which film could be. But we think it's very likely that this gig will be far in the future. After all, the scripts and stories were developed for the next 2-3 years without Spidey and it is questionable if you want to install it later because you have has the opportunity.


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