Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. meet after the breakup of Sony and Disney: We did it, Mr. Stark!

copyrightTom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. meet after the breakup of Sony and Disney: We did it, Mr. Stark!

The 'Spider-Man' actor has shared an image with his fiction tutor.

After the unexpected break between Marvel and Sony, some people already think that we will take a new surprise in the course of the D23. This weekend the convention is celebrated where we will know much news about Disney franchises, among which is Marvel. In several posters of the event, Spider-Man appears and the latest publication of Tom Holland has given much to talk about.

The actor who gives life to the Spider-Man has shared an image in which he is accompanied by Robert Downey Jr., his tutor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both actors are shown in what looks like a hiking trail and, in the last image, each of them has a doll of his partner's character. That is, Holland holds Iron Man and Downey to Spider-Man. What attracts the most attention is the message written by the interpreter: "We did it, Mr. Stark!"

That I publish an image with Downey Jr. just a few days after all the buzz around Sony and Disney began can only mean two things: or it is clueless who have not realized how much people are going to talk about the image or, showing off his reputation as a 'spoiler', he has advanced that new news is yet to come.

We will have to remain very attentive to everything that happens on D23. After Marvel unveiled great surprises during the San Diego Comic-Con held last July, it was clear that Disney was going to keep an ace up its sleeve: What if Spider-Man is already officially part of MCU? We will see what happens in the following days.


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