That's why Deadpool has nothing to look for in the MCU!

copyrightThat's why Deadpool has nothing to look for in the MCU!

There is still no announcement for "Deadpool 3" and we do not know if the violence loving antihero will be integrated into the MCU. But FILM STARTS volunteer Martin Ramm has a clear opinion: Let it stay!

At the recent Comic-Con Marvel announced many new projects, even a new "Blade", but on the subject of Deadpool was kept silent. However, due to the great success of the first two films, it is only a matter of time before Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) will slip into his red suit under Disney leadership.

The real question is not if, but in what form Deadpool will return. Solo or shoulder to shoulder with the Avengers? And the answer, in my opinion, can only be: stay away from the MCU, Deadpool!


Admittedly, the idea that the unpredictable lout with the loose mouth stumbles the Avengers in front of the superhero's feet is tempting at first glance. And the possible ways he might respond to the wonders of distant planets or the young and blameless Spider-Man are as dazzling as they are boundless.

And yet, I do not think Deadpool's incorporation can work without the MCU and/or the cheeky antihero suffering.


To date, the Marvel team led by Kevin Feige has managed to glue together humor, bizarre elements and the necessary dramatic seriousness in such a way that nevertheless a harmonious whole emerges. But they acted hard on the border, as evidenced in particular by the clumsy "Thor 3: Day of the decision". Some fans did not like the silliness here anymore. It should not be much more abstruse.

Adding a chaotic like Deadpool to the massive MCU ensemble would most certainly jeopardize the careful balance between gravity and humor. Not least because of Deadpool's typical breakthrough of the Fourth Wall, so the direct addressing of the audience, the events in the MCU rob any heaviness and drama. Because that would be exposed again and again: This is just a self-ironic Budenzauber and no narrative with characters whose world is really threatened. Despite all the winking of the eye, the MCU clearly conveys the claim to be a serious universe in which every action can have serious consequences. Deadpool would fix that - and if not, he would not be Deadpool anymore.

I also think little of the partially circulating idea of ​​a "mixed solution". The idea of ​​letting Deadpool off track in his solo films, but muzzling on other heroes' MCU films, is just a lazy compromise that would break the character's character. Instead of Deadpool in the MCU, that's why I have a completely different solution.


The "Deadpool" films work as a stand-alone series, in which no compromises have to be made, in which headshots are the order of the day and in which stupid sex jokes hail in series. So why not keep it up? Because that's how the anarchic figure stays true to itself and Disney does not need to go down the knee because the MCU can stay what it is: a coherent entity that can not be denied complexity and narrative daring, but which must also reach a mass audience neither excessive lunacy nor self-serving violence would endorse.

And the dream, that Deadpool is confronted with the Avengers heroes, may nevertheless come true: In "Deadpool 3" and all other sequels, heroes will make representations, which happen to be the same as the popular Marvel characters and just as random the root actors of the originals are embodied. Almost in this way was also the short X-Men appearance in "Deadpool 2". It does not have to have an impact on the big Marvel film universe. So theoretically even (despite its well-known fate) a meeting with Robert Downey Jr. in the costume of Iron Man would be conceivable. Or even a cameo by Hugh Jackman with Adamantium claws, though it comes from a completely different universe. And finally, Deadpool could ride a raccoon.

Therefore: Avengers in "Deadpool"? Yes! Deadpool at the Avengers? No!


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