Steven Strait and Dominique Tipper from 'The Expanse 4' I hope the series has so many seasons to finish the story

copyrightSteven Strait and Dominique Tipper from 'The Expanse 4' I hope the series has so many seasons to finish the story

Steven Strait and Dominique Tipper from 'The Expanse 4': "I hope the series has so many seasons to finish the story"

Amazon Prime Video will premiere on December 13 the fourth season, after it was canceled by Syfy.

Such was the noise that meant the cancellation of The Expanse by Syfy that Amazon Prime Video decided to rescue it for the fourth season that will premiere on December 13 and has also recently renewed it for a fifth installment.

In SensaCine we have had the opportunity to talk with Steven Strait and Dominique Tipper, Jim and Naomi, respectively, giving us an idea of ​​what to expect from this new season that has had a new budget and a new home.

No spoilers How is your relationship going to be in this new season?

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Dominique: No spoiler is a bit difficult. Well, I think for the first time in the history of The Expanse Naomi and Jim are going to have great moments this season. I think the challenges they face as a couple areas more serious ... so it's really great to see them that way. But I feel like some moments of Jim and Naomi in this season are more intimate since they have made their relationship as a couple official. And the things they have to face do it together, which is great. They are some of my favorite moments really.

Steven: Yes, totally. In this season it looks like the relationship is now more serious.

Will Naomi continue to trust Jim after he suffered from Miller?

S: I think all of Rocinante at this point in the series trust what Holden tells them. That he is not crazy and that he really knows what he is talking about because so far he has saved their lives. Everything he could say and how crazy you could sound really worked. But some of my favorite moments with Rocinante's team this year is like normalizing the fact that Jim talks to ghosts. It's like nobody talks about it but they are a bit aware.

D: It is part of our day to day (Laughter)

S: Exactly (Laughter)

D: But I think that also regarding the relationship between the two, Naomi is more logical and I think Jim is more sensitive, so maybe she is a very good intermediary for everyone.

S: It's like the barometer of rationality (Laughter)

D: It's weird that such a logical person with everything thinks: ‘Ghosts, ok. Fantastic'. I think it also has to do with his relationship with him, that helps.

S: But the question is, and will it continue there, is how much of Miller is there? Is it a Miller projection? Is the structure of the protomolecule using something familiar so that it does not panic? Those are just a few questions that are asked at the beginning of the fourth season. And much of Holden's plot this year is to investigate what happened to those behind the Protomolecule, something very important in the plot of this new season.

The end of the third season ends with Jim mentioning that a world of possibilities now opens up regarding visiting other planets. Will we see some of them in this new season?

S: Yes

D: We see ... Well, I don't know what I can say, but you won't see all the planets. However, in the long run, you can see what is beyond the ring. Episode one opens a great path regarding this.

S: Without a doubt, the one that opens the ring settles the bases of the fourth season. This fact completely changes the dynamics of the Solar System. Everything that happened between Earth and Mars changes radically. Now there are many more possibilities, both for Earth and for Mars. But most of them cannot even go beyond gravity, so they cannot take advantage of these opportunities that have just appeared, so it is now a large chessboard that reflects the diversity of the galaxy. Because what I like most about The Expanse is that it's not just a group of people, but rather a subgroup of a subgroup that even uses the toughest violence. But now that changes. It's like a 'click' and everything changes dramatically, both in general and personal terms for each character.

How is the series now in terms of production?

S: It's amazing, especially visually. For the first time in the series we shot outdoors and used old-school entertainment and it looks really amazing. Also, I think it adds an element of how we have evolved during all these years

D: And I also believe that all audiovisual content has changed, especially because of the advertising cuts. Before you had to write in a way so that when the advertising entered, it would look good. Now it is simply an entire episode that seems much more cinematic.

S: I am very proud of our products because you often see a series that has been done well and that has been well received and that helps to change nothing and keep doing everything the same from the beginning. And there is a danger in risking growth in trying to do things with something that already works and we did it. We have gone beyond what we did in the past visually and somehow also in terms of the structure of the story.

As for the scenes, do you prefer to shoot the action ones or the loved ones?

D: Those of love

S: Same. Actually, the action ones are fun too. But they are very technical and very physical.

D: With those of action it is like suddenly appearing and doing it, but those of love, it is something like more intimate and something with which you can connect. But the action scenes are great.

S: Both are great, but it's like a different feeling. The action scenes are definitely fun but they need a very high technical level. And when you see them then you think: "Wow, now I understand why we made all these planes and angles." Because you can make about 800 different shots of the same scene for only as long as 3 or 2 minutes. But when you see it on screen, it's simply amazing.

How many seasons do you think The Expanse could have on Amazon?

S: I hope so many to finish the story

Remember that you have available all seasons of The Expanse on Amazon Prime Video.


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