Stephen King asked for a completely new scene to be added in IT: Chapter 2

copyrightStephen King asked for a completely new scene to be added in IT: Chapter 2

The famous writer also liked the adaptation of his book that was together with Andy and Barbara Muschietti to add a new scene.

Stephen King, author of IT among other tens and dozens and books, has partnered with Andy and Barbara Muschietti, director and producer of Mama and the first IT movie, to add a new scene in IT: Chapter 2.

Director Andy Muschietti revealed during an interview with Total Film (via Sify) that King approached him after the success of the first IT movie, which was widely praised by the terror master.

"It was absolutely huge," Muschietti said. "For me, it would be unthinkable when I was 12 or 13 years old."

Apparently, the creator of Pennywise offered to work with the Muschietti brothers and share some comments about the sequel, which they both humbly accepted. King read the first draft of the script for the new movie, took some notes and then asked for a "completely new" scene to be added.

For all that we have seen so far in the IT films, the creative team seems to have tried to be faithful to Stephen King's book, so this last scene could propose a deviation from the original work to give it an unexpected twist to the second chapter of IT. We can only say that who better than King to add new material to this tape and hopefully, this scene has not been removed in the final cut of the film, which has already confirmed the director that it will be 2 hours and 45 minutes.

'It: Chapter 2' has digitally rejuvenated the young protagonists of the first film

The expected film directed by Andy Muschietti will premiere on September 6.

There is less to see Pennywise in theaters again in It: Chapter 2, the second part of one of the most successful horror movies of 2017.

Although in this sequel we see the young protagonists that we saw in the first installment in their most adult stage, we know that we will see them again through flashbacks. But since they are children and that two years have passed since It was released, it is irremediable that these actors grow and have to pull the post-production.

This was confirmed by director Andy Muschietti himself in an interview with Total Film Magazine, where he states that they have had to rejuvenate the young stars for It: Chapter 2:

"From the beginning, we knew that that would be part of the budget, the visual effects to address that. So we have reduced the children's age."

This method has already been used before, although not in children, but better in actors such as Michael Douglas or Samuel L. Jackson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Do you think this digital rejuvenation will be noticed? We will have to wait for its premiere on September 6.


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