Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The trailer hints that They will move to the Dark Side

copyrightStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The trailer hints that They will move to the Dark Side

Daisy Ridley's character appears holding a double lightsaber and wears a black hood.

The lucky assistants to the D23 have been able to see a new advance of Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker and, as they have revealed through social networks, these images show a radical change in the character of Rey. The warrior not only appears with a double laser similar to that of Darth Maul, but she also wears a black hood, which has led many people to think that she will dive into the Dark Side.

IGN has been able to speak with the actors after the feature film panel and Daisy Ridley herself has stated that they have explored new elements:

I think, hopefully, it will show people that we made a great trip and explored some things. You have to wait to see the movie

Logically, the actress has not been able to talk much about the transformation of Rey, but Kelly Marie Tran, actress who gives life to Rose Tico, has told some more detail about the film that is to come: "I think the most important of all this is that the end of the movie is going to be really innovative, in a good way. I think there are many pieces of the old movies and they are all together in this one. We're going to finish big. "

John Boyega, who plays the warrior's inseparable companion, Finn, has suggested that he doesn't have to be mean just for wearing black and that he is at an interesting stage: "It's just a change of costumes, you know? I wear Black sometimes doesn't mean it's bad. And red ... It's a bright stick. Rey likes to go out and enjoy a party. He's delirious. He's at that time of his life. "

The trailer has not yet been published, but surely it won't be long until we can see it. Episode IX of the franchise will hit theaters on December 20.


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