Michelle Williams confirms that she will be back in Venom 2

copyrightMichelle Williams confirms that she will be back in Venom 2

The first part about the Marvel symbiote, starring Tom Hardy, raised more than 850 million dollars worldwide.

After the success of Venom (2018), which raised more than 850 million dollars for Sony at the global box office, we can confirm that the four-time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams will return in the sequel, Venom 2, as Anne Weying. As you know, Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings) will direct the second part and Tom Hardy, who will return as Eddie Brock, writes the script with screenwriter Kelly Marcel.

If you saw the previous installment, you will know that the 'mid-credits' scene hinted at a future confrontation between the Marvel symbiote (Tom Hardy) and Carnage, played by actor Woody Harrelson (Zombieland: Kill and finish). Sony soon gave the green light to the project to see the results at the box office and, of course, the announcements about the cast begin to follow before its possible premiere in late 2020.

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Speaking to Yahoo for After the Wedding, Williams has confirmed that he will repeat as Weying and has even had good words for the newly announced director Andy Serkis. "I am a great fan of Andy and I feel very inspired by what he has been able to achieve. He is very talented in a very specific way and I am very excited to learn from him and be by his side." But will She-Venom return? "I hope to have the same time [on screen] that way. I can say that!"

Hardy and Williams are the only two confirmed members for the cast, although everything suggests that Harrelson will give life to the villain Cletus Kasady. The tape will maintain a PG-13 rating. Until we know more, we leave you above the official trailer of Zombieland: Kill and finish (October 25).


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