Jeremy Renner asks Sony for Spider-Man to return to MCU

copyrightJeremy Renner asks Sony for Spider-Man to return to MCU

The actor who plays Hawkeye wants his partner back on the team.

The departure of Spider-Man from MCU is not only a loss in the fictional world of Marvel Studios, but it is also a loss in that family of actors who have been building bonds working together in this film universe for more than a decade. Proof of this are the recent statements of Jeremy Renner.

The actor who has given life to Hawkeye in several films of The Avengers has turned to his personal profile on Twitter to ask for the return of Spider-Man to the MCU, although he may have asked the wrong company.

In the publication in question, Renner asks Sony to return Spider-Man to the world of Marvel, but according to Sony itself in a recent statement, the fault of this current disagreement is Disney.

Tom Holland's future as Peter Parker is now more uncertain than ever and if Sony and Disney fail to repair this breakup we may not see the character again in future Marvel movies.


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