Jason Momoa sarcastically threatens the production of Aquaman 2

copyrightJason Momoa sarcastically threatens the production of Aquaman 2

The actor defends that the 30-meter telescope should not be built on the inactive Mauna Kea volcano.

Jason Momoa, the actor who plays Aquaman in the DC Comics movies, would have refused to start recording Aquaman 2 as part of his protest over the construction of a thirty-meter telescope in Hawaii.

The actor sarcastically threatened the production of the DC film with an Instagram post where the Subaru telescope's construction area is seen to demonstrate the environmental danger posed by the construction of TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) in the inactive Mauna Kea volcano.

The publication was accompanied by the following:

I'm sorry, Warner Bros. We can't start recording Aquaman 2. Because Jason was hit by an excavator trying to stop the desecration of his homeland. It's enough. Go elsewhere. This is what the telescope's construction looks like (Subaru Telescope, 1992). The TMT will be four times larger on unscathed land. We must protect our sacred mountain from further desecration.

As reported by Live Science, this new thirty-meter telescope, which has cost 1.4 billion dollars, is expected to generate 12 times sharper images than those of the Hubble Space Telescope, but so far it has only served to increase the controversy over its construction on the inactive Mauna Kea volcano, a sacred place for Hawaiians.


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