Finally a good G.I. Joe movie? This fan-favorite should judge it in the new spin-off

copyrightFinally a good G.I. Joe movie? This fan-favorite should judge it in the new spin-off

Studio Paramount continues to work on a new action movie based on the toy soldier franchise "G.I. Joe "on his feet. In the new spin-off, the popular agent Chuckles should lure the fans into the cinemas.

It is not necessarily as if the world is being banished to a new "G.I. Joe "movie waiting. "G.I. Joe: Secret Order Cobra "(2009) and" G.I. Joe 2: The Billing "(2013), both from the eponymous action and TV franchise series, are mediocre films in our opinion (we're not alone in that verdict). And at the box office, both parts ran, despite star power from u. a. Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson, and Bruce Willis, also mediocre.


Nevertheless, Studio Paramount just does not stop listening to the next "G.I. To develop Joe "movies. What is left of the 2015 plan, "G.I? We do not know (the Hollywood trend towards Cinematic Universe modeled on Marvel ebbed away after it has spread that viewers not only run into the cinema, because movies are somehow related). In any case, Paramount wants the "G.I. Joe "series does not give up. According to industry magazine Hollywood Reporter, a spin-off is now being developed in which for the first time the popular Chuckles occurs.


Since "G.I. Joe "is not a franchise like" Star Wars "or" Lord of the Rings ", whose characters even our grandmothers have somehow heard something, come here for non-fans a few words to Chuckles: action figure and matching Marvel comic published in 1987. Chuckles, who is actually named Philip M. Provost and has the rank of sergeant, is a gifted undercover agent. Everyone likes chuckles, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of his camouflage. Chuckles also know that in an emergency he can speak out of any situation. Sounds like a guy we would love to see in the movies.

But also the "G.I. Joe "spin-off with Chuckles, like the other films, will be an ensemble adventure. The spy would therefore only be one team member among many, and as with the wording here, be particularly cautious - because as the Hollywood Reporter notes in his report as a precautionary measure, "things can still change. The scriptwriters Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol") may decide to throw the good chuckles out of their script.

Besides the possible Chuckles- "G.I. By the way, Joe "is still" G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes "about a cool ninja planned to hit theaters in the fall of 2020. To "G.I. Joe 3 ", we have not heard anything for a long time.


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