Because he wanted to stay closer to the video game template? "Uncharted" with Tom Holland loses the director

copyrightBecause he wanted to stay closer to the video game template? "Uncharted" with Tom Holland loses the director

Once again there is the adaptation of the video game "Uncharted" without a director. Sony is already looking feverishly for a replacement for the adventure film with "Spider-Man" Tom Holland in the lead role. Finally, this will come to cinemas in 2020.

David O. Russell ("The Fighter"), Seth Gordon ("Baywatch") and Shawn Levy ("Stranger Things") were already aboard Uncharted and then left. In this series, you can also call Dan Trachtenberg in the future. The director of "10 Cloverfield Lane" as well as the pilot of the anti-superhero series "The Boys" has left the project about the modern "Indiana Jones" and treasure hunter Nathan Drake (played by Tom Holland), as the insiders of Deadline first reported and Sony has since confirmed.

According to Deadline information, the studios of the studio are already meeting with potential successors to meet the schedule. After all, "Uncharted" should start shooting by the beginning of 2020 at the latest, and such production certainly needs a lot of preparation (building sets, etc.). The theatrical release is already on 17 December 2020.


With which directors Sony meets, has not yet leaked. However, Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider of Collider would not be surprised if the studio talks mainly to the candidates who were already in the running at "Venom 2" (until Andy Serkis got the favor) and mentions in the first place "Bumblebee "director Travis Knight.


The reasons for Trachtenberg's farewell are unknown, but it should deal with the always eagerly sought "creative differences". According to the editor in chief of the Discussing Film website, there have been a lot of them. So wanted Trachtenberg allegedly like to stay in certain points closer to the video game template - addressed here is the well-known character, Sully. Actually named Victor Sullivan, the treasure hunter is the mentor and replacement father of Nathan Drake.

Bryan Cranston has been traded again and again for the role, but it has not yet been a cast of the "Breaking Bad" star. Since one wondered in the industry anyway, that there is no news for some time about the Sully cast, the assumption is quite obvious that studio and director were at odds here.

And we would not be surprised if Dan Trachtenberg wanted to stick more to the games. The man was one of the presenters of the Totally Rad Show on YouTube, where video games were regularly discussed. Trachtenberg is considered a passionate gambler and has become known for his short film on the computer game "Portal".


Actually, in the recent past, Sony has taken a lot of steps to strengthen game skills in the film industry. With Sony PlayStation Productions only a few months ago, a separate subsidiary was founded, which should take care of the game adaptations only. With Asad Qizilbash and Carter Swan, the company is led by two people from the gaming industry. The model here is quite Marvel Studios, where also a lot of people are working with comics background and the MCU became a success story. As Deadline reports, Qizilbash and Swan join their company in the movie about the first adventures of Nathan Drake, who is still very young.

The bad blood between Trachtenberg and Sony should not exist by the way. The studio and the director are supposed to work together again on other projects. In the work on "The Boys", also a Sony production, one has finally learned to appreciate.


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