Aquaman: Jason Momoa responds to those who mess with his physical form

copyrightAquaman: Jason Momoa responds to those who mess with his physical form

The actor who plays Aquaman has uploaded a video where he responds to everyone who messes with him for his "potato body."

Jason Momoa, actor who plays Aquaman in the DC Comics movies, is too busy with his protest against the TMT that is going to be built in the inactive Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii, so he doesn't have time to put up with the trolls Internet and has decided to respond to people who mess with him for his current physical appearance.

The user @Batmancanseeyou has published a video of Momoa where he responds to these people and accompanied him with the phrase "How is that of a dad's body?". And while it is true that the actor is in worse physical shape than when Aquaman was recorded, it makes no sense to mess with his current physique. In the video, Momoa has "TMT + Canary Islands = Discovery" painted on the chest, as they are the second option for TMT after Hawaii.

The actor has been quite busy with his protest campaign against the TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) and has not been the only one, Dwayne Johnson addressed the issue on Jimmy Fallon's late-night.

This is much larger than a telescope that is being built. This is humanity, these are human beings whose hearts hurt, and I believe that at any time situations like that arise ... that is the signal that we have to stop. Let us be considerate, be empathetic and always take care of our people.


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