Zombieland: Double Tap has taken ten years to arrive because no script was up to par

copyrightZombieland: Double Tap has taken ten years to arrive because no script was up to par

Ruben Fleischer wanted to explain the 10 years of waiting until Zombieland: Double Tap.

Director Ruben Fleischer wanted to open up on the reasons why we had to wait a decade to have a sequel to Zombieland with the so-called Zombieland: Double Tap, explaining that the creative team "had not found the right story to tell."

The director, who debuted in the feature films 10 years ago with Zombieland, clarified that it was difficult to write the right script because they wanted a story that justified the return of this group of catacombs.

"I think we all wanted to stretch our legs and try other things. I think we were all excited to do other things. But, the other reason is that we couldn't find the right story. It took us a bit to find a story that justified the return to Zombieland. "

"We all felt a lot of love for the original. So we set very high standards to make sure that if we made a sequel it would be, at least, just as good, but better, than the original. And ultimately all of that falls in the script. "

It is possible that after this movie we have the third part now that Emma Stone has stated that she would love to have a Zombieland movie every 10 years.


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