The Uncharted movie will not adopt the games directly

copyrightThe Uncharted movie will not adopt the games directly

The director of the film does not want to limit himself to repeating what has been seen in video games.

The director of the Uncharted film has wanted to make clear why he is focusing on a prequel to everything seen in Naughty Dog videogames and not a direct adaptation of the many stories we have seen in consoles.

Dan Trachtenberg told GamesRadar that they have never had any intention of adapting video games. Of course, that could give rise to some disappointments and the approach of this team can be much more interesting.

"If Naughty Dog decides to make a new video game with Nate and Sully ... the story of this film is what they will want to tell", said the director about what they have in mind.

Trachtenberg believes that adapting video games is, inevitably, offering a lesser experience than what we have already experienced in such an interactive and intense environment as the videogame. That is why he believes that an original story is the best idea.

Recent adaptations such as Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia or Assassin's Creed have shown that there is much to be done when adapting a videogame to the cinema in an appropriate way. More original or daring ideas like Detective Pikachu have worked considerably better despite being a translation quite similar to the video game on which it is based.


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