Terminator Dark Fate will receive an R rating

copyrightTerminator Dark Fate will receive an R rating

It's official: both Tim Miller and James Cameron have confirmed that Terminator Dark Fate will have an R rating.

Everything that comes from Terminator Dark Fate (or Dark Destiny if you prefer) is good news lately. If yesterday we knew that Edward Furlong will again play John Connor for this film (uniting the original cast again), today we have to reveal that the Paramount Pictures film will receive an R rating. In fact, it is official, as it has been confirmed by Tim Miller as James Cameron taking advantage of the San Diego Comic-Con.

In addition, Paramount itself has released a "behind the scenes" style video that allows us to see some completely new images of the film. All of them, those that have been exhibited today in Hall H of the Comic-Con. And it looks pretty good, with that reunion between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong. You have the video a little below.

On the other hand, the news is more important than it seems. Especially because of the controversy that, in the past, has had the issue of age classifications in the franchise. Without going any further, Schwarzenegger himself blamed the study of pushing too hard to obtain a PG-13 rating in films that later did not go very well.

In this case, it is clear that the tone of the film is very adult because it contains a lot of violent images, as well as a rude language by both Miller and Linda Hamilton.

Yes, it was planned that today we see the second trailer of the film, and beyond that "behind the scenes", we will have to keep waiting. Anyway, they should not delay in showing it, since the film is scheduled to premiere next November.


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