Someone tried to buy pot using a fake Thor ID

copyrightSomeone tried to buy pot using a fake Thor ID

Did the Asgardian stop in Canada to buy some weed?

A Canadian comedian has shared a conversation on Twitter with his sister, who works in a marijuana dispensary, where he shows her an ID that someone tried to use to buy at his establishment.

The hilarious thing about the situation is that the identification belongs to one Thor Thunder Odinson, born in 1970, two meters high, 68 kilos in weight and apparent heir to the kingdom of Asgard.

Whether a joke or not, imagining the situation is, of course, something quite comical and even a scene that we could imagine as part of an MCU movie, where humor is not usually lacking.

No doubt the choice of avenger for this transaction is correct because after his depression the Asgardian gave himself to the drink like a true Nordic and who knows if he has now moved to another vice while seeking his destiny in the cosmos.


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