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Tarantino's new film takes us to Hollywood in the late 60s, with a stellar cast. 2 hours 40 minutes of love and hate to the cinema.

Once upon a time, a very famous film director. Once upon a time, a video store worker. A genius. A hated (and hateful). Once upon a time Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt together again. And Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, and a long etcetera. Once upon a time ... Tarantino in all its splendor.

Tarantino's story is coming to an end. He has reiterated on more than one occasion that he will make only 10 films. You cannot guarantee that you can maintain the high levels of concentration you need to make a film. So that's your goal, and it looks closer and closer.

I must begin criticism by recognizing that ... no, it is not holy of my devotion. Yes, of course, he has made films that are masterpieces. Drawings that remove the hiccups, scenes that bristle the skin and dialogues that we will always carry on fire. I do not take away merit, much less ... but for me, everything that touches is not gold. And not everything he does must start moans among the seats "because yes." Maybe that's why I've seen "Once upon a time in Hollywood" and not someone else.

I've been studying Tarantino since the race. Many colleagues wanted to be like him. Everyone idolized him ... but I saw an ungrateful uncle with a film obsession worth dealing with. A madman in love with the big, small and medium screen. And I emphasize in love because that's how I keep seeing Tarantino years later.

Once upon a time in Hollywood is an ode of true love of cinema. Love in many phases: crazy love, obsessed love, pure and clean love, corrupt love too ... disappointed love that sees all the defects of its object in love, and still loves.

Therefore, on August 15 we will have on our screens two hours and forty minutes of a declaration of love (and hate) to the cinema, signed by Tarantino. When a lover speaks to you non-stop about his lover, he bores those who do not share that love, right? Well, I'm not going to lie to you if I tell you that there are plenty of minutes of footage left over to this movie.

Although of course, let's go in parts. That is not all cheap and romantic verbiage. Tarantino presents a golden Hollywood that begins to rust. It is the last blow of the 60s when the industry turned its back on the classic cinema that took it to where it is. Rick, played by a Leonardo DiCaprio who eats the screen, is a western actor who gradually begins to be aware that in the cinema there is no longer room for him. His double action, nothing less than a Brad Pitt who feels like a paper glove and in which he is comfortable as he has not been seen in years, lives in Rick's shadow while continuing to pursue his dream ... blurred with more shadows than light.

But Hollywood is a city where dreams are silver halides that come true, and there is the brightest star: Margot Robbie giving life to Sharon Tate. This counterpoint is becoming more and more evident: on the one hand, the unfortunate career leading to the failure of Rick and his double, who really is his only friend. On the other hand the life of success and luxury of Sharon and Polanski, mansion neighbors.

If we add to this delight of actors, who under the control of this director develop like Pedro through his house, a masterful soundtrack that will make you move your hips in the armchair, we certainly have a visual and audible delight worth mentioning.

During practically the first three parts of the film, we will go through all the good and all the evil that the cinema can do to the different professionals that work in it. While we know fictional characters that may have existed, we see a display of really famous people and celebrities of the cinema of the time. Winks everywhere to a golden age for the seventh art, which only demonstrate the pampering and great knowledge of Tarantino.

History and reality intermingle to create something new ... that does not curdle from the beginning. Very Tarantino put things in the blender and see what comes out. It becomes heavy and bitter in the first drinks ... until you learn to let it drain through the throat and start to taste it. Like good brandy. This is Tarantino. That's right Once upon a time in Hollywood. From the opening titles to a narrator's voice that appears when he likes, going through scenarios, processes, characters, moments ... Do not try to understand the film from the beginning. Looking for logic, a connection, a trigger, a structure. No. Let yourself go or you will fall asleep at the first exchange.

And all for what? We promised not to do a single spoiler and I plan to comply. Anyone who has asked me about my opinion has received the same answer: you may like the whole movie more or less, but it is completely justified by the end. The last twenty-thirty minutes are to get up and clap, in the purest Tarantino style. And in the end, the director never disappoints.


Once upon a time in Hollywood is a movie made in Tarantino. With all the good and the bad that it entails. Get ready to see two hours and forty minutes of love for Hollywood, the mecca of cinema, and for seeing a scathing criticism of an industry as beautiful as it lasts. The end of the 60s gave a lot, as will the movie we have in hand, which hatches with a great ending that will leave more than one with his mouth open. Maybe it's not the best Tarantino movie, but this cocktail prepared slowly makes you tasteful. Because dreaming has always been possible in Hollywood.


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