'Toy Story 4' has the surprise appearance of Boo ('Monsters S.A.')

copyright'Toy Story 4' has the surprise appearance of Boo ('Monsters S.A.')

3 Movierulz - The new installment of the adventures of Woody and Buzz contains a cameo that the audience will have enjoyed.

Pixar is the great factory of 'easter eggs'. Throughout its history, we have been accustomed to find characters outside their history and to train the eye to see details that are related to other films. With Toy Story 4 we had already been warned that the story would be full of these references and has not disappointed anyone. The box office of Toy Story 4 makes history in the animation cinema.

In addition to the classic Pizza Planet or the Dinoco gas station, one of the cameos that have most attracted attention is the very own Boo de Monstruos S.A. The little girl appears playing in the fair booth where Ducky and Bunny live just when Buzz arrives. His two pigtails and pink clothes make it unmistakable, so, although it has not been confirmed, we can assume that it is a reference to one of the most iconic characters in the studio.

 Do not move from your chair because 'Toy Story 4' has several scenes after the credits. The appearance had already been hinted at in the trailer. At a certain moment, images of Bonnie's first day of school appear, just when she is creating Forky. In the blurred background, Boo is intuited again among the students of the class of the little girl.

Toy Story 4 has already premiered and has done it devastating. In its first weekend, the tape has reached 118 million dollars in the United States, making it the best premiere of a movie for all audiences. It has also become one of the best releases of the year in the United States, is the third film in fundraising only behind Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel.


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