The re-release of Avengers: Endgame could introduce the Fox characters

copyrightThe re-release of Avengers: Endgame could introduce the Fox characters

3 Movierulz:- Where we would see a blatant intention to take money, Marvel is able to create passion. They know how to do it and the fan is delighted; that is the key. What do we mean? Basically to the possibility that the re-launch of Avengers: Endgame in theaters will come with some surprise under the arm.

Apparently, the thing would come to such a point, that in a new scene of the credits, Marvel would use to introduce some of the characters that until now belonged to Fox. The intention would continue to be to get more revenue, yes (with the intention of beating Avatar), but the extra would be of great category.

In fact, multiple reports talk about the possibility of adding a total of six or seven minutes of additional images, either during or after the credits. In addition, among the content that is rumored, it is talked about a tribute to Stan Lee.

And not only that, but also some scenes removed from the film would be introduced, and the great surprise to which we referred in the headline of this news. In fact, it would have been Kevin Feige himself who would have assured that this post-credit scene would be related to the MCU.

From there, everything is speculation. Although it is true that the fans are convinced that the theory that the user of Reddit u / FiveFingeredKing has contributed will be true.

That is to say, that the Fantastic Four (of Fox) will be introduced in the MCU. Where does the theory come from? Very simple: according to this user, everything will start from the metal sounds that were heard in the original credits. And it could correspond to a Tony Stark building his Mark I armor during the Iron Man events (2008).

But is that, in addition, according to him, Marvel will turn all that into a post-credits scene where they would see some mysterious hands hammering a mask. Hands that could be Victor Von Doom and, that way, Dr. Doom could be officially in the UCM. What do you think? Do you find it credible?


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